Become The Ultimate Doctor!

The ProMedic Program is the newest project we intend to add onto Cases 101 website. It is a program that is aimed at senior medical students and qualified doctors who are interested in further developing their skills and enhance their efficiency in the clinical field. The program focuses on incorporating high tech with medicine and bring about a simplified and easy approach to familiarise clinicians with online tools (i.e. clinical websites, medical references, smartphone apps or computer applications and online medical libraries) so that all of these tools are within reach and easily accessible. Furthermore, the program is going to be made into video series (short-clip episodes), with all of the content uploaded on this section of the website, with regular updates and newly discovered innovations in order to keep you updated and caught up with the rest of the world. We believe that those tools are essential to aid the doctors’ job dealing with patients from different backgrounds, however, we also believe clinical judgement is just as essential and that those tools are meant to be incorporated with clinical judgement and not take place over it.

We hope that this addition and this project adds a little bit more to your knowledge and we here -at Cases 101- hope that you find it informative, interesting, intriguing and above all enjoyable.

Cases 101 Team