Our Vision in Cases 101

The project started as a simple idea which aims to empower medical and health-related students with knowledge needed for their career, as well as to supply them with essential skills required in the profession. It is our duty and mission to be the bridge which links senior doctors, physicians and surgeons with ambition students who seek excellence and aim to stand out and be unique. Our vision is consistent of empowerment, education, spreading knowledge, linking more experienced physicians with varies communities in the city of Benghazi and ultimately with the country as a whole and then maybe even to the whole world.

We aim to start little but keep a consistency in our work. We do not seek big steps from the start, but rather we aim to begin our project with a small database that includes a small number of known doctors in the field, then we will eventually expand and make sure that our voice, in addition to everyone involved in the project, is heard. So that eventually, we make our dream come true. And that is to lift the level of our health and medical sector high that we have a strong and solid base to build upon. To raise the level high enough that all the patients in our country are taken care of and not flown to other countries for treatment, when we do have the right equipment and doctors for the job. What we, as a medical community, is communication and experience, and Cases 101 seeks to overcome these two barriers and help everyone achieve their goals.