A remarkable event was held on the 23rd of April 2018 in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department in Benghazi Medical Center to celebrate the recent achievement related to the field of cochlear implantation surgeries. Earlier this year, a group of six children from the city of Benghazi underwent a cochlear implantation surgery in order to restore their ability and sense of hearing. Dr. Masoud Al-Tohami, ENT specialist at BMC and one of the team members involved in the project, attended the event and expressed feelings of confidence, pride and happiness to the children who had their hearing restored.

The celebration marked a great achievement since all six of the surgeries were a success. The children’s new implanted devices were tested for the first time on the day of the celebration.

The children’s expressions were a mixture of happiness and confusion since they do not recognize most of the voices they were hearing for the first time. However, their families and doctors were all delighted and proud of the achievement done by the department.

Cochlear implantation is the first step in the treatment of these children. Besides that, a program of hearing rehabilitation and other intervention methods are essential in order to help them with their newly restored sense and to make sure that they use 100% of the potential of the newly implanted devices.