What is Cases 101?

Cases 101 is the first Libyan platform which allows medical students to come in direct contact with the clinical field and healthcare professionals by providing a space on which doctors can post rare, new, or unusual cases.

And since it is important to stay connected with every city in Libya, as well as the outside world, Cases 101 also provides an online medical Blog, which will be used to deliver the latest local and international news concerning health and medicine, the latest innovations and technology, as well as outbreaks and disease-related news.

Who are we?

The founders of the project are medical students Mohamed T. Shembesh and Ghada Elshatiti. As 3rd year medical students, we felt the need to have more contact with patients and interesting cases to broaden our horizon, prepare for our future career as doctors and to excel in our current studies. Upon discussion, we came to realize that all medical students, as well as other health-related professionals, would benefit from a platform that aims to educate those who are interested in medicine. It is our aim to create a common ground for everyone to discuss hot topics, ask medically-related questions, confirm or disprove medical theories and join forces to lift the level of medical education in the city, and eventually in the whole country.

How is this going to help the medical community?

It is a known fact that medical students rarely come in direct contact with medical cases in their early years of study. By providing the right content from our registered doctors, these cases, which we will provide with the help of our competent team members, can help students improve their ability to deduct and come up with differentials based on the information provided with each case. This will hugely impact on their future and will certainly help them get a taster of what it is like to be a doctor.

The idea, also, aims to connect doctors from all around the country with each other first, and with the world, eventually, so that together they can all discuss relevant cases and improve the medical community in the country.