What is 101Space?

101Space is a creative space for all medical students in Libya, it gives you a chance to post and talk about any medical topic/issue that you have previously worked on.

How can I submit my work?

First, the topic you submit has to be done professionally, all the information have to be referenced in AMA style, and you have to provide a few (high quality) pictures that we can work with, and just e-mail it to us at info@cases101.ly

Then, you just wait my friend, and as soon as your topic gets reviewed by our team, we will contact you by e-mail to tell you whether your contribution is valid to be posted or if you have to make a few changes.

If your contribution is accepted, you will be invited to our HQ so we can talk a little bit about your topic, and interview you so the whole Libyan medical community can benefit from your work.

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